«José Ángel Gurría responde a AMLO: ‘Estaba consiguiendo las 150 mil firmas, pero me llamaron para integrar otro proyecto'»

José Ángel Gurría, former Secretary-General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), has announced that he will not register as a presidential candidate in Mexico. Instead, he will lead a group of experts to develop a positive change project for the country. This decision came as a surprise to the leaders of the PRI, PAN, and PRD parties, who had asked Gurría to be in charge of the government plan.

In an interview with Sergio Sarmiento and Guadalupe Juárez, Gurría explained that he was focused on collecting the 150,000 signatures required to become a candidate for the Frente Amplio por México. He had planned to participate in the selection process.

Gurría emphasized the importance of this role, not only for the political parties but also for the country. He described it as a huge responsibility and a great challenge to develop the plan for the first coalition government in Mexico.

As a former Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, Gurría acknowledged that the task ahead will be complex. He mentioned ongoing negotiations between the three parties and civil society. They are building upon an existing coalition and are working towards a common goal.

However, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador questioned Gurría’s aspirations, suggesting that he had withdrawn from the internal opposition process due to a lack of support. Gurría denied these claims and stated that he was actively collecting the required signatures.

Regarding concerns about the transparency of the selection process, Gurría expressed confidence in its careful negotiation and design. He highlighted the importance of involving civil society in the decision-making process, which differs from the President’s perspective.

In conclusion, José Ángel Gurría’s decision not to run as a presidential candidate has surprised many. Instead, he will lead a team of experts to develop a positive change project for Mexico. Despite some doubts raised by the President, Gurría remains committed to the transparency and legitimacy of the selection process, emphasizing the involvement of civil society.

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