«El apoyo abrumador a las políticas de bienestar de Claudia Sheinbaum en Chiapas: La voz de millones de mexicanos»

Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, ex-head of government of Mexico City and current candidate for the ruling party Morena, accused the opposition of being a «costume store,» stating that they employ a discourse of double standards and only seek to deceive the Mexican people.

During her informative assembly held at the Palenque de la Feria Mesoamericana in Tapachula, Sheinbaum pointed out that the right-wing parties one day dress as feminists and the next day attack women; one day they present themselves as democrats and the next day they showcase Vicente Fox, whom she labeled as a betrayer of democracy.

«On the other side is the past, with the Fourth Transformation is the future. Do they really want the return of privatizations, low wages, the presidential plane, pensions for former presidents?» she questioned the nearly four thousand attendees.

«There, it is darkness, night, the past, there are privileges, there is corruption. Here, it is the hope of the Mexican people, of continuing to build their destiny, their dreams, the longing of Mexican men and women who every day build their nation,» she added.

Sheinbaum also visited Tonalá, where she assured hundreds of people that there are very few Mexicans who want to return to the policies of the past, referring to the opposition parties that have historically governed Mexico, such as the PRI or PAN.

«There are millions of Mexicans who want to continue the policies that provide well-being to the Mexican people,» the Morena candidate announced on social media. Sheinbaum was greeted with applause, cheers, and banners. Before taking the stage, she greeted everyone who approached her.

«Together with the residents of Tonalá, Chiapas, we will remember that our movement governs under three principles: for the good of all, prioritizing the poor; there cannot be a rich government with a poor people, and power is only virtuous when it is in the service of others,» said Sheinbaum.

Sheinbaum emphasized that at the end of August or beginning of September, a consultation will be held to determine who will defend the continuation of the transformation project in Mexico. She invited people to participate in order to have greater certainty about who will lead the contest.

Sheinbaum Pardo said that she decided to participate in Morena’s survey because it is time for women, highlighting that she is the only one among the six candidates who seeks to represent the feminist movement in Mexico.

Nevertheless, she stressed that only with the strength of Mexican women and men is it possible to continue and consolidate the work carried out by the governments of the Fourth Transformation, led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Prior to the gathering in Tapachula, Claudia Sheinbaum met with banana producers at Finca Los Alpes, where she toured the plantation of this tropical fruit, of which Chiapas is responsible for almost 20 percent of national production.

In the afternoon, she headed to the municipality of Tonalá, near the border with Oaxaca, to hold another rally with citizens at the municipal stadium.

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