«Albur en vivo: Andrea Legarreta pone a prueba a Paul Stanley con ¿Quieres a Carlos?»

Andrea Legarreta, one of the most famous hosts of the «Hoy» program, became a topic of conversation in the world of showbiz after making a double entendre towards her colleague Paul Stanley during a live broadcast. It was on Friday, May 26th, when Andrea Legarreta stole all the attention after making a controversial comment to one of her colleagues, causing uncertainty among the other celebrities present and the general public.

Yesterday, the hosts of «Hoy» had one of their most emotional broadcasts after «saying goodbye» to their colleague, Paul Stanley, who will now focus on his participation as a member of «La Casa de los Famosos». Just as the farewell began, Andrea Legarreta told Paul Stanley, one of Televisa’s most famous hosts, that Carlos Arenas, former host of «Venga La Alegría», would take his place during his tenure on the reality show. True to her style and with her unique sense of humor, the 51-year-old celebrity used a double entendre to inform Paul Stanley that Carlos Arenas would be in charge of occupying his place in the following weeks. Her controversial comment went viral within minutes.

As we previously mentioned, Paul Stanley will leave «Hoy» to begin a new phase as a participant in the reality show «La Casa de los Famosos». The host stated that, if he advances in the competition, he could be out of Televisa for up to 10 weeks, but that depends on the support he receives. It remains to be seen how his participation in the reality show will affect his career as a host and how his absence from «Hoy» will be felt by the show’s audience.

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