«Los Programas del Bienestar de Ariadna Montiel Benefician a 25 Millones de Mexicanos»

Ariadna Montiel, head of the Ministry of Well-being, spoke about the change of the Well-being Card among citizens, as the deadline to complete the process is May 31st. She explained that all beneficiaries will go from being in private banks to the Bank of Well-being, so they will have benefits such as:

1. No commissions will be charged for balance inquiries, transactions or withdrawals
2. It will be the only institution responsible for dispersing government aid to the population

In an interview with Blanca Becerril on Reporte H from El Heraldo Media Group, the federal official said that 2,744 new branches are being built and, thus, the Bank of Well-being will be the largest in Mexico and there will be at least one institution in each municipal headquarter.

She explained that the card will receive resources directly from the Federal Treasury, thus avoiding intermediaries in the process.

The federal official reported that each year more than 6 billion pesos are allocated to Well-being programs, benefiting a little over 25 million Mexicans.

In addition, she reported that tomorrow is the last day to complete the card change process for those who had cards in a private bank. For those who could not complete the process on time, they will be channeled to the backlog module. «All instructions will be given next Monday,» she informed.

Finally, she said that there are 11.4 million older adults who receive the pension for people over 64 years old throughout the country.

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