«Valentina Quiros se olvida de Santa Fe Klan y presume a su nuevo amor»

Valentina Quiros, influencer and ex-girlfriend of Santa Fe Klan, has moved on from their short-lived romance with a new beau. The couple had been careful to keep their relationship out of the public eye, but the rapper surprised Quiros by beginning a friendship with OnlyFans model Karely Ruiz, which quickly turned into a collaboration and then a romance. Quiros has previously spoken about how Santa Fe Klan didn’t give her any warning before ending things and moving on with Ruiz.

However, it seems that Quiros has found happiness again with a new man, whom she has been showing off on her Instagram stories. The couple are currently enjoying a luxurious vacation on an exclusive Mexican beach, but Quiros has yet to reveal any details about her new partner.

Meanwhile, Santa Fe Klan has remained tight-lipped about his previous relationship with Quiros, instead focusing on his new romance with Ruiz. The couple had initially planned to work together on a project, but ended up connecting on a deeper level and are now officially dating.

Despite the brief nature of her relationship with Santa Fe Klan, Quiros seems to have moved on and found love again. Fans will no doubt be eager to learn more about her new beau in the coming days and weeks.

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