«Sabadazo de Morena en el Senado: Una sesión de alto impacto político»

Morena, along with its allies from the PT, PES and PVEM, approved a score of initiatives imposed and ordered from the National Palace in a session that lasted five hours in the Senate of the Republic. The process was so messy that the next chapter of this story will be written in the Supreme Court, as it will be the judiciary, once again, that will resolve the controversies that arise from this crude imposition from the Congress.

Led by Ricardo Monreal, the Morena senators met with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador on Friday, and one day later, in an improvised session room at the foot of the Belisario Domínguez statue, they gave one of the most aggressive legislative swindles in recent history.

Without any shame, the Morena legislators imposed their will. They did not debate the issues, read the reports in a hurry, and voted hastily, in the most old-fashioned PRI style, for the disappearance of INSABI and other laws.

The senators of the Morena party showed that they do not receive instructions only from their leader, Monreal. The president imposed the agenda on them and ordered them to take care of all of their pending issues.

Monreal had to eat his words and not make any gestures, as he could not impose his agenda with his own people. His proposal to rescue INAI did not get any support. His own party members turned their backs on him.

What is more, Alejandro Armenta from Puebla presented an initiative to eliminate the organization in question, without notifying anyone. He did it like a magician who pulls a rabbit out of a hat.

The surprise and anger of his coordinator were such that he almost immediately retracted his statement. Monreal and his followers realized that Armenta did what he did to curry favor with AMLO, as he wants to be a candidate for the governorship of Puebla.

Either way, this action showed that Monreal does not have all the threads of the Senate tied up and that his party colleagues respond to other interests.

The Presidency of the Republic is so clear about this that they do not stop questioning Monreal’s actions, who, by the way, returned to the National Palace but not like in the old days when he shared tamales of chipilín and Zacatecas beans with the President. Monreal returned, but he was received as just another senator to receive instructions, in person.

Whether he wanted to or not, he complied with everything, for the same reason as Armenta: to curry favor with AMLO, although at the Palace they cannot help but think that Monreal has recently made mistakes and will under no circumstances be a presidential candidate.

Andrés Manuel no longer sees him as he used to. In his inner circle, they still think he is one of the main architects of Morena’s defeat in the 2021 elections in Mexico City.

In that context, everything that happened over the weekend in Congress, particularly in the Upper House, where the senators made AMLO’s agenda their own, is subscribed to. He is in a hurry to make changes to the law to avoid systematically violating it with government actions that were carried out without legal support.


The sexennium is about to end, far from the goal of putting order in the unionism, especially in the contracts promoted and negotiated by old union organizations. Of all the collective contracts, only 10 percent were legitimized, in a process that began in 2019, leaving millions of workers in limbo and a titanic task for the Secretary of Labor, Luisa María Alcalde.


And as the philosopher…I can’t remember says, «Before attacking an abuse, it is worthwhile to look if its foundations can be destroyed.»

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