«Predicciones para el amor, salud y dinero en el Horóscopos de Mhoni Vidente HOY 2 de mayo»

Mhoni Vidente brings you the best horoscope predictions for Tuesday, May 2. Find out what the stars have in store for your health, wealth, and love life. Listen to the podcast of Mhoni Vidente and learn about the stars.


You are a very self-assured person, more so than your partner. This imbalance often causes problems as she tends to step back when you have already taken the lead, and becomes afraid of things that are of no interest to you. You must give her time and space, and help her strengthen her self-esteem. Excessive confidence can work against you in your work today. If you don’t pay more attention to what you are doing, you will overlook an important procedure which will cause considerable problems. Pay more attention to what you are doing and have less faith in the infallibility you have about yourself. There is more than one way to solve your emotional problems that affect you physically and make you unproductive. The most direct way, however, is to assume your guilt and exorcise it. Write your secret on a piece of paper and bury it in the forest. The earth will gladly take that burden from your life.


Don’t assume that your partner is happy with the terms of a relationship that you have not allowed to be discussed. After all, you have not had that necessary conversation about what each person contributes to the construction of this home. It is not that she gives too much, but your partner feels that you do not allow her to contribute. Each decision we make is an act of responsibility, and that process cannot be evaded. You have let another person make important decisions for you to avoid that need, but that must come to an end. Part of leadership is knowing what is best for you and others. Today, perform a simple ritual to benefit your body and avoid those small muscle pains. Light a red candle placed among a bed of crystals of various colors. That set symbolizes your senses and your organs. The flame of the red candle represents your heart. The ritual will make them stronger.


There are few opportunities in life where we can open ourselves up so deeply that we reveal everything that is inside us. One of those opportunities is a romantic relationship. This is why it is so important that there are no secrets between you and your partner. No answering the phone in the bathroom or making excuses to come back later. You must put an end to that. When faced with the problem that will plague you today, you will have to do something that you are not used to, and that is to wait. There is nothing you can do as it is beyond your competence and there are many factors involved. If you intervene, you could make things worse. You must be patient and wait for everything to return to its place. This is a good day to resume exercise as part of your routine. You need to activate your body so that it performs better and you get the most out of your physical strength. Start gradually: a 30-minute run is a good starting point.


It is a fact that no form of energy or life is lost over time. When we enter into a relationship, what we are is transformed into a new entity. This new being shares the virtues of both parts of the couple. Don’t worry if you feel «fuzzy» inside your relationship because that’s the idea: to be something new. Nothing should stand between your goals and you. You must be more disciplined, as that is the only way to achieve success. Otherwise, distractions and excuses will take control of your days and you will achieve nothing. The first step is simple: turn off your phone, forget about social networks while you work, and awaken your mind. You are the one who must determine what is right for your emotional health and what is not, as only you know which aspects of yourself are more urgent to address and which stimuli affect you. You must be a filter to choose between good and bad. It is a responsibility that you cannot delegate to others.


Don’t wait for your partner to say the first word on this matter, as that could be seen as though you want to exempt yourself from the responsibility that falls on you. Be the first to approach, no matter how much it hurts your pride. When it comes to reconciliation, it doesn’t matter who gives in. You have to slow down with those expenses. It’s good to invest aggressively in your business, but it’s not good to bet if you don’t see trends in your favor or those of your sales and services. It’s better to turn off the tap and analyze with the data at hand if things have been fulfilled in the way you want. The future is a country that obsesses you. Before entering it, you want to know all its maps, but that’s impossible. It’s just your desire for control that plays a trick on you. It’s better to let life run and let the moments come when they have to come.


The possibilities are open because love is in the house. No problem can’t be faced and resolved with two combined wills. The important thing is that you tell your partner what you are willing to give. Generosity in mutual effort: that is the most powerful force. There is more than one way to achieve that goal you have set for yourself, but only one way to do it in the time you need. And that involves care, dedication, and effort. Rushing the process is often the method for goals to be postponed and never come to fruition. Saying what you feel when you feel it is the way to avoid this discouragement you now feel. Avoid that feeling of being pushed aside and not given your space and recognition: it is necessary that you make yourself heard loud and clear. Don’t keep feelings that can turn into negativity.


Today, Mercury stands out in your sky. This opens communication and makes words more fluid and powerful. Take advantage of the impulse that the messenger planet gives you and tell your partner what you have had on the tip of your tongue for some time, but just can’t get out. It’s time to reveal that secret. It is necessary to restore the work ethic. And that is something that falls on you, as one of your gifts is eloquence. So take advantage of the circumstance, write a motivational speech, and spread it. That inspiration that your words can provide will make a big difference. Don’t doubt it. Today, you must seriously consider taking therapy or creating a support circle around you with people who will listen to you, support you, and tell you what they see deep in your experiences. You need an audience that will help you understand the meaning of your existence and live it better.


You should not bear the guilt and prejudices of another person, even if it is your partner. Each person must take responsibility for their emotional growth and quirks. Of course, you must provide all the help you can, but only to the point that it does not cause you any harm. You cannot generate more goods if you do not risk and invest. You have been very comfortable in your comfort zone, but today you realize that you cannot settle for what you now receive for your talent. So there is no other way: today is the day to take a first leap without a safety net. To find that balance that you feel lost, remember a simple rule: the personal reflects the universal. What happens inside you expands around you, and vice versa. Your health produces luminous environments, and the negativity of the environment has an effect on you. Take your precautions and do the pending work.


It is not a good idea to demand from your partner everything that you believe you have given in excess.

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