«Predicciones astrológicas de Mhoni Vidente para el 10 de abril: Amor, salud y dinero en juego»

Mhoni Vidente brings you the best horoscope predictions for Monday, April 10th. Find out what the stars have in store for all zodiac signs in terms of health, wealth, and love. Listen to Mhoni Vidente’s podcast and learn about the stars.

Aries: Love helps us to appreciate the good things and to survive the bad. Both parties must be present for its magic to occur. You have to give more of yourself, in the form of time and presence, as your partner needs it. If you are not there, if you are not in love, the gap that has opened between you will continue to grow. This is a good day to take stock of your strengths and weaknesses. You have big plans for expansion and diversification, and the way to move forward with them is to know where you are and what you have. Knowing yourself, your tools, and your business is the beginning of that strategy. Enjoying your body is the first step towards a healthy balance. You need to perform a ritual that awakens all your senses and enhances their reach. So as soon as the sun rises, before you go to your obligations, try, touch, smell, observe, and listen… have a first contact with objects that delight all your senses.

Taurus: Promises are made to be fulfilled, not to buy time. You have to fix this problem between the two of you, not with empty promises, but with real commitments that you can and want to fulfill, otherwise, you will find yourself back at square one. Above all, honesty, or there cannot be faith in the future. Imagination is the limit when it comes to solving problems. So, don’t be afraid, because if there is something you have in abundance, it’s creativity. The important thing is that you don’t feel overwhelmed by the circumstances, and that above all, you observe this situation with attentive, surgeon’s eyes. Get out of your environments and leave your comfort zone. The only way to get out of this lethargy is to give yourself a shake that ignites your senses. And the way to achieve this is to do something that is not usual for you. One possibility: embrace the opportunity to speak to a large audience.

Gemini: Days run like horses over hills, especially when you are happy. Don’t waste any more time, which slips through your fingers. Work and daily obligations are certainly unavoidable, but they cannot be a pretext for reducing dedication to love. Organize your time better. It is as important to take advantage of an opportunity as it is to recognize where they already exist. That job or business has given you everything they could give. And that is good, but you cannot continue trying to revive a time that has already passed. It’s time to go in search of the next challenge, which you will know how to benefit from. Your heart needs extra care, especially in the emotional dimension, an aspect that you take care of very little. Tonight, gather petals from different flowers and let them float in the mirror of water while you sleep. This small ritual will clean negative energies from your environment and be beneficial for your heart.

Cancer: Every meal should be a celebration of love and your partner. Stop ordering food, at least for today, and cook for the person you love, as the secret ingredient that goes into every dish we prepare is essential in life: the warmth of true love, which cares for and provides. It is a day to cool things down, as you are trying too hard without knowing if what you are giving will result in good fruit. It is necessary to check if the seed has been planted where it should be, and give time for the tendrils to rise. Waiting is also part of the work. And very important. You usually exercise in a wild way, giving no respite or rest, as you like to test your body at every moment. That’s great for feeling invincible and dynamic, but it helps you little to improve your general condition. You need an exercise program and, perhaps, a personal trainer.

Leo: There are important things and really important things. It is vital that in your relationship as a couple, you do not confuse them. For example: those jealousies that your partner shows when they are attentive to other people are important. But it is more important to avoid them becoming a topic of discussion. Every day you must be aware of the progress towards your goals. And it is perfectly valid to celebrate and feel proud of each stage achieved. Dividing the ascent into stages is the smartest way to move towards the greater good. And every step you take should see its deserved celebration. You have considered losing weight and improving your health in all ways. And that’s great. But you’ve done it with estimates in the air and without a plan that gives rigor to your goals. It’s better to go to a specialist who helps you give coherence to your plans, and with that, make them possible.

Virgo: You must know how to say no when situations overwhelm you or you simply do not want to participate in them. Even when you have a partner, you have the right not to attend spaces that make you feel alien or like an intruder. Explain it to your partner and they will understand your point of view. There is no magic formula that guarantees success in this or that enterprise. Uncertainty is part of all work. Despite this, you must go with your head held high and with the best will to make things happen. Sometimes, like today, adverse circumstances do not count, but the faith with which we face them. Today is the day to wake up. Today you must open your eyes and recognize those parts of yourself that could be improved, and for which you do nothing. Your body is your most sacred temple. It’s no use taking care of all other aspects of your life if your body is still neglected. It’s a good day to resume its care.

Libra: Does your partner have the same level of commitment as you? At this moment, without a doubt, you are the one who puts the most into this relationship, but you forget the essence of love. It is a process in which everything changes at every moment, and the one who loves the most now becomes the one who lets themselves be loved, so that roles are reversed. You take for granted that you are the best at what you do, and you put yourself on a pedestal when it comes to rates and costs. Of course, you are excellent, but it would be worth considering whether this idea is good for your business. Being a real luxury is not always profitable, and it is better to have an extended base of clients. Arrogance hurts, especially when it comes from those we love. Don’t be afraid to say what you think for fear of being censored, nor feel guilty for feeling that rejection. Be the person you are, because that is fair, and leave aside those who cannot appreciate you or your spiritual knowledge.

Scorpio: Justice in a relationship begins because everything that is planned must include the two of you. The future, when you love someone, is a possible paradise designed to be inhabited by two. So making plans that do not involve your partner can be seen as a kind of betrayal. You find out that someone very close has committed a betrayal. Or at least has benefited your rivals. What should you do? Fortunately, in terms of money, everything is limited to how much is earned and how much is lost. And in this case, you have not lost anything, and that person and your competition will not win anything. Today you have to consider following a guide to being better. Consider going to a nutritionist, hiring a personal trainer, or going to the specialist who helps you advance to a state of greater well-being in terms of your body and mind.

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