«Necesario el aporte de los ministros para llevar a cabo la reforma judicial: Ignacio Mier»

Ignacio Mier, the President of the Political Coordination Board of the Chamber of Deputies, has recognized the need for the opinion of the justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) in order to carry out a reform of the Judiciary. «There is no better diagnosis than one that is complemented by those who know, experience, and understand how the judicial power and the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation operate,» he commented.

In response to the decision of the justices to individually decide whether they will participate in the discussions on the reform of the Judiciary taking place in San Lázaro, the parliamentary coordinator of Morena announced that a personal invitation will be extended to each minister of the Court. Each justice will have to respond and decide whether they will join the exercise of analyzing a judicial reform that society is demanding. «I have precise and formal knowledge that they agreed that it would be an individual decision, personally, which does not compromise the superior body of power in attending the discussions to learn about the conclusions that have arisen from these democratic deliberative exercises,» he stated.

Mier Velazco emphasized that one of the main approaches of these discussions is the need for a thorough review of the Judiciary, which has been supported by various actors in society. He specified that «this implies a review of how they are elected, what their procedures and budgets are, and a review of their powers, including what is established in Article 96 of the Constitution regarding the procedure for the indirect appointment of judges, after almost 100 years of being established.»

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of the justices becoming familiar with the reality and challenges faced by the judicial power. The legislator for Puebla emphasized that, as a result of these discussions, the social demand for a more sensitive and accessible Judiciary has become clear. He called on the justices of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to join this important review exercise.

«That is why it is important for them to participate, whether it is by their own will or through this respectful and democratic call made by the Parliamentary Group of Morena, otherwise they will be overtaken by reality, they will be overtaken by the people,» he said. He emphasized that the objective of this review and reform exercise is to achieve a more effective and accessible justice system, as 70% of Mexicans did not know what the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation was, who its members were, how they were chosen, and everything that entails the administrative apparatus.

With information from Elia García.

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