«La crisis en la frontera se agrava por el fin del Título 42: Últimas actualizaciones hoy 11 de mayo»

The end of the Title 42 immigration policy, implemented during the Trump administration as part of exceptional measures during the Covid-19 pandemic, officially came to an end on May 11, 2021, at 11:59 pm Washington D.C. time. In its place, the Title 8 policy will be implemented, which includes harsher punishments for those who attempt to enter US territory irregularly, even preventing them from re-entry for up to five years. Thousands of US police and military agents have been stationed at the border in anticipation of the possibility of large groups of migrants attempting to enter the neighboring country.

The end of the Title 42 policy, which has returned hundreds of thousands of migrants who entered the United States irregularly since March 2020, has raised concerns over the potential increase in the number of migrants trying to cross the border. Hordes of migrants are expected to try to enter the US, prompting the deployment of thousands of police and military personnel along the border.

In addition, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of the United States is removing the Covid-19 test requirement for all detainees, which will increase the number of available beds in detention centers and allow immigration officials to process immigrants more quickly. Texas law enforcement agents have been tirelessly working to clear brush and installing barbed wire along the Rio Grande in Brownsville to repel illegal crossings between ports of entry.

At the same time, dozens of national and international companies have arrived at the Border Security Expo in El Paso to sell their products, including advanced technologies that can make the border safer. One company is trying to sell a pulse detector to the federal government to use on trucks, as many migrants enter hidden in trailers or vehicles. Another company is selling a special camera that can be attached to dogs, which can access places that humans cannot.

The United States has justified its «containment» measures against some migrants on deportation flights, stating that they become «violent,» after some repatriated Colombians have reported mistreatment by US agents on those flights. The US government has asked migrants not to become violent on these flights.

As a result, the Pima County, the most populous county in Arizona, has agreed with hotels to provide shelter for migrants who cross the border after the end of Title 42. The agreement will allow asylum for migrants in case existing shelters become overcrowded. Hotel rooms will also serve to provide shelter for those who test positive for Covid-19 or any other potentially contagious disease.

The Department of Homeland Security of the United States has launched a new advertising campaign aimed at dissuading migrants from using coyotes to try to enter the country illegally. The campaign, which will be presented more vigorously in Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, aims to inform those interested that regulations will be tightened from May 11.

In preparation for the end of the Title 42 policy, US border agents participated in a simulated mass entry exercise into the United States to be prepared for eventualities related to the implementation of Title 8. The San Ysidro border crossing, in the vicinity of San Diego, was closed for at least ten minutes while US police officers conducted exercises to contain people using tactical equipment.

The misinformation surrounding the end of the Title 42 policy has undermined the hopes of migrants who crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico under the rumor that the United States would allow them to enter. However, their hopes were shattered as they found themselves detained once again due to misinformation. Falsehoods and deception are adding to the suffering of these people, first to reach the border through Mexico, and then to obtain the promised asylum.

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