«Insólito descubrimiento: el universo es de color café con leche»

When we imagine the universe, we usually picture it against a dark background, with small shining stars or even galaxies dominated by colors like violet, red, green, and turquoise. However, a group of astronomers has found that the true «king» of space is «cosmic latte,» as it breaks every paradigm studied so far. This color, which is a mix of beige and white, was obtained by averaging all the light emitted by the more than 200,000 galaxies observed by the 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey.

Until recently, it was believed that the predominant color in the universe was turquoise, which was consistent with the fact that the universe was «young.» This color also reminded us of the ocean, which had been previously studied to determine its color. Researchers found that the water on our planet is «fairly close to pale turquoise, with a certain percentage of green.»

However, as the age of the cosmos progressed, scientists realized that stars aged and changed color, and so did the predominant color in the universe. The resulting color was a surprising greenish-blue, which was similar to the color of the ocean from which life evolved 600 million years ago.

Determining the color of the cosmos is as complicated as that of the ocean. The color of the ocean, which is mostly blue, changes with the angle of observation. When viewed vertically, the blue becomes more intense, and when there is more wave action, the blue is even more pronounced. The color of the ocean is also influenced by the color of the sky, as the surface of the water reflects the colors of the sky.

As for the color of the universe, scientists have found that there are no green stars and that the most abundant colors are old red stars and young blue stars, which emit a blueish-green light. When these colors are mixed, the resulting color is the cosmic latte, which is the average color of the universe.

In conclusion, the color of the universe is constantly changing, just like the colors of the stars and the ocean. It is fascinating to see how the cosmos and our planet are intertwined and how they influence each other’s colors.

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