«El secreto de Andrea Legarreta para lucir auténtica y única»

Andrea Legarreta, one of the most famous television presenters in our country, became the talk of the entertainment world after sharing a couple of photos in which she showed off her secret to maintaining her enviable figure at 51 years old.

Thanks to the excellent work she has done as the host of Televisa’s morning show, Andrea Legarreta has established herself as one of the great figures in show business, so practically everything she does becomes viral within minutes. This was precisely what happened a few moments ago.

Andrea Legarreta shares her secret to looking incredible at 51

A few moments ago, before her more than six million followers on Instagram, Andrea Legarreta shared two images that immediately went viral. In the first one, she showed off the cute look she wore in the recent broadcast of San Angel’s morning show, and in the next one, she revealed her secret to looking that enviable.

In the first post, we see the star of the «Hoy» program looking more beautiful than ever in an all-white outfit that will surely set a fashion trend for the spring season. Several celebrities in show business surrendered to her beauty and sensuality.

In the next post, Andrea Legarreta was honest with all her fans, revealing the secret to her enviable figure. Without holding back, the Televisa star confessed that she uses a girdle that allows her to look «original, different, and sexy.» All her followers were impressed.

It turns out that the model also confessed that she uses a girdle that allows her to highlight her small waist and pronounced hips. Fans of the entertainment world thanked her for giving that kind of advice: «Beautiful,» «Precious,» and «Gorgeous» were some of the messages she received.

Andrea Legarreta and her 2023

During this year, Andrea Legarreta has stolen the spotlight in show business after confirming her separation from «Timbiriche» vocalist Erik Rubín. Through a statement, she confirmed their divorce. She currently serves as a host for «Hoy» and has resumed her career in theater.


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